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About Jim Hanna Wealth Advisors

At Jim Hanna Wealth Advisors, our advisors are fiduciaries who operate under a fee-based platform. We specialize in retirement and income planning for retired individuals and those within five to 10 years from retirement.

What is The Fiduciary Standard?

An advisor operating under the fiduciary standard must present, by law, the “best advice” he/she can give, taking into consideration the needs, wants and objectives of the individual. The client’s needs and personal objectives must come first. Typically, most fiduciary advisors are paid a quarterly fee calculated as a percentage of the assets for which he/she is providing advisory services (not commissions).

The Jim Hanna Team

Jim Hanna

Founder and CEO


Irma Lewis

Vice President and Operations Manager


Bill Gremillion


Strategic Partners

Michael Kelley - CPA

Integrity Insurance Agency


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